Thursday, April 1, 2010

'The Server' E-40 Remix by Ms.Vybe

Came across this contest two days before E-40 was gonna be signing autographs @ Dimple Records. I knew I had to get it done fast so I could personally hand it to him, he was so excited to find out I was a producer and independent rap artist. Stood in line for more than 3 hours, most of that time spent outside in the cold. Once we got inside and I got to speak to him all of that no longer mattered. You know I had to shoot him acouple of my cds! His assistant RJ was impressed with my "...professionalism". Loved meeting one of my hip hop idols and loved that he was so damn chill! I don't even have to win the contest, I was just happy to enter and chop up his vocals! Thanks 40 Water! 

Women in Hip Hop

I'll be co-hosting & performing @ this event @ Sac State.

The Little Women, Big City Tour

Each of you has been supportive of my music career in some way, and I want to thank you for that. Last year was a wonderful year for me musically. I released a mixtape and an EP independently. I performed throughout Sacramento and the Bay Area. I also began producing an R&B/Soul artist, Chara Charis. We've been working on her debut EP since December. I'm in the process of writing and producing two new projects for myself.

This summer we are planning a tour of Los Angeles, called, "The Little Women, Big City Tour". We all know that expenses add up while you're on the road, so I'm asking for a little financial help from each of you. You can help fund the tour and our projects by making a donation here @  There is a 'Donate' button on the left of the blog which will take you directly to Pay Pal where you can make a secure donation with your Visa or MasterCard. If you prefer to mail a money order, I'd be happy to give you the mailing address.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Run This Town" w/Lefty Rose

OK, so I met Mr.Lefty Rose through a mutual friend @ Capitol Garage on a Friday night a few weeks back. Our personalities immediately clicked, and by Wednesday of the next week, we were recording "Run This Town" 4 my new mixtape (it will also be on his). A week later we we performed it @ Image VIP Lounge. A lot of artists I've come across talk and talk about how they wanna "Get in the lab" but never really follow through on anything. Lefty asked me to come through and we got her done. No excuses, no quirps, no issues. I love that.

Lefty Rose & Ms Vybe "Run This Town Remix" from Nina Rebultan on Vimeo.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Gettin Ahead of Myself

I don't know why, but I have this impulsive tendency to go off on rants that should be kept quiet. The worst part of doing that online is that you can't retract it once it's out there. I will still stand by whatever it is I said, but I think some things are better left to dwell in the real world. Why am I rippin my own ass? Because I can, and I guess it's got to do with that growing up/getting older shit! Mature, huh? Sike. Anyway, as I get deeper into this music thing, some things just become more clear as time passes and I realize that a close mouth could in fact get fed. I haven't burnt any bridges (as far as I know), so let's just say I've learned my lesson...until the next time when it actually costs me something.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can't Bring Back My Betty Jean

So anyone that knows me personally knows how close my grandmother and I were. It wasn't like I only saw her at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We lived in the same house together for many years. My Grandmother had this glow and this charm about her. She was in a wheelchair for most of her adult life, but never asked for pity. She was always happy and smiling and grateful for people spending time with her. That taught me the truth - that money isn't everything, time and family is. She never had a great job or a new car, but she was able to experience being a homeowner for the last ten years of er life. She was proud, honest, and stubborn. At the same time, she was understanding, trustworthy, and, my best friend. Her void is something I may never be able to explain, but writing this song and completing this video is a start. I'm happy I captured part of what I was feeling in those first few weeks after she passed. I was truly heartbroken.

So this is for you, Grandmother. My Betty Jean. I'll never forget you or stop missing you. I love you forever.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Ain't Gotta Win Millions!

By the time u zoom in on the picture and tally my winnings you'll probably be laughing. I look @ it like this, it's $28.95 I didn't  have prior to going, and I was only on the penny machines for an hour or so. Another reason I'm not ashamed, I was able to eat at the buffet, which I didn't have the money to do when I first got there! And, most  importantly, I got to spend time with my Grandma. She and her friends love to come up from East Palo Alto and hit up the casino's. They put a bunch of seniors on a bus, give them a meal ticket, and let them run loose for 4 hours. She told me a month in advance, so I was anticipating seeing her. The buffet wasn't as great as the first time we went, which was for her 80th birthday last year... The casino is so smoky that my cousin smelled tobacco on me when I got back. I find that embarrassing, because I'm not a [cigarette] smoker.. Anyway, Roger went with me and we actually had a lot of fun. He told me plenty of stories and broke down some shit about the government and schools (that's for another blog, another day)...

I spent time with my Grandma, ate with her, took pictures, and won a little change (she was feeding me five dollar bills). Aside from having to drive home stuffed like a turkey for over an hour, I'd say it was one of  my favorite Saturday's in a long time. No stress or pressure of music, just a coo day.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Get off his Nobel Piece!

As soon as I opened up Yahoo this morning, I, like everyone else saw that our President had just become a Nobel Peace Prize winner. I'm not gonna give my opinion as to why I think he won it or if he deserves it, because I'm not on the committee. Instead, here is the reason that was given by the Nobel committee, "His extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

I was happy to hear the news, but also knew there would be some people that were a little less excited...To prove my point, I went Twitter (Follow Me) , already knowing it was gonna be a trending topic, and expecting to find naysayers. I scroll down, and stumble across some b.s. that I had to re-tweet after abbreviating...

RT I knew there was gonna b haters! @stephenjones53 u think a man leading wars is adequate for a #Nobel Peace Prize? Obama hsnt earned it...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blinker aka

Yesterday, Ann Carter sent me a direct message on Twitter and asked me to check out her new song. I loved her song, but loved the site it was streaming thru even more. It's, pronounced blinker and is a brand new site for musicians to share their music almost the instant they make it. Now, they're not paying me to endorse the site, which is still in beta mode, I'm just sharing this to put u up on game. I uploaded my entire Ep, "Poker Face" and my mixtape, "Ms.Vybe in the Matrix: Queen of my City". In the first hour, I had about 20 plays, which is more than I'd get on myspace in 60 minutes. It's connected with Twitter, and even uses the same user name and password. It's user friendly, and most of all, a great, free, promotional tool for all musicians. Their blog says they will be adding new features from time to time, and I'm curious to see how much they'll enhance the site. Go try it out. Every song from my Ep can be heard or downloaded by scrolling to the end of this page.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Moderation, Please!

So, if you're gonna drink, please be able to handle your liquor. I didn't exactly wait until I was 21 to chug a lil sippy sippy, but I did wait until I knew I was ready. I don't appreciate having my buzz killed, and especially don't wanna clean up any barf. U ever hang out with people who start off the night sippin slow and havin fun, then all of a sudden decide to get loud and obnoxious? Even worse, how about crying about their childhood and being overly defensive when you ask them to be quiet? Lemme walk you to the sand, give you your stick, and have you draw the line somewhere! Real talk.